In 1995 a young enthusiastic entrepreneur founded Asterisk Graphics with one premise above all; Quality. Today though the name has been updated to reflect the legal name… Identity Industries, Inc. The same owner, the same attention to detail, still the utmost important fundamental is and always will be; Quality. Now in today’s world with Sign & Graphic companies sprouting from every corner, you will be sure to find Identity Industries the wise choice of many alternatives. If your image, brand, logo or identity is important to how you are perceived by your customers or the world in general, choose wisely then who you hire to convey who you are to the world. Choose a professional with one thing above most; experience! For almost 20 years we’ve been setting the Industry Standard for impeccable design and execution of signage, displays, and vehicle graphics. You wouldn’t hire a housewife to handle your legal affairs and be your “attorney”? So why would you hire a housewife with a “Cricut” to handle your image? One of the single most important things you can invest in to ensure your success is a professional image, brand or logo. How others perceive you and your business is critical to your success; whether or not you get that call for business! Hire a professional to handle the areas of your business that are critical: a CPA for your taxes, an Attorney for your legal affairs, a banker to keep your money safe, and a professional artist to generate your logo, brand and image… one the whole world will see; your ” identity”.